Friday, December 11, 2020

Letter K - Kangaroo Week

These are our homeschool preschool activities for the Letter K and Kangroos week. Archer was 30 months. You can see our full "curriculum" post here, but we will only use some activities each week. The majority of his time is still unstructured play.
This was his desk setup. I hung some bulletin board letters, a sign language card (from And Next Comes L) and his work from the week. The shelf had a letter construction capital and lowercase letters, an Alphabet ReaderMeet the Phonics Letter Reader, a peg letter and a wooden letter train car.
I'm trying to include readers to read together, but also books about the week's letter or animal. We had an Animal Antics ReaderFirst Little Readers book, a non-fiction sight words reader, a Meet the Phonics reader, a My "k" Book, Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?, Jump, Kangaroo, Jump, and Too Many Kangaroo Things to Do.

There were his shelves for the week. I used Magnatiles to make a K on his white board and added some magnetic letters and fridge phonics. On top I have his Alphabet Soup Can, a kangaroo and his preschool basket.

Shelves on the left had a tray puzzle, Magna Quibix, a spinagain and an abacus. Shelves on the right had a button snake, Koala Kapers, a golf tee game, block buddies, a human body puzzle, place value blocks and a basket of cars.
Letter construction (From Tired Need Sleep)
Letter maze (free to print here).
Letter K dot to dot (from
He has been very into bottle cap letters lately, so he did this many times (free to print here).
Tracing cards and line tracing (free to print here).
We did our normal playdough routine with cookie cutters and a  letter stamper (similar to these).  He liked making the kangaroo cutout "hop." We also used our alphabet dough mat (free to print here).
Alphabet sensory bin
Dot magnet page that he ignored (free to print here).
Letter K puzzles
I got Archer sa bigger set of place value blocks and he has really been enjoying them.
Using dry erase notecards to put words on Magna Tile garages.
He has really been enjoying 12 piece puzzles lately, especially ones with vehicles on them!
Doing his calendar.
Button snake (felt pieces and a ribbon with a large button on each end)
Block buddies. I gave him more cards and pieces this week. He did well, but I forgot to get pics of him.


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