Friday, December 18, 2020

Christmas Preschool Activities

With Christmas right around the corner, we took a week to do holiday themed preschool activities. Archer was pretty vocal about wishing I had just done more letter themes, but he still enjoyed some of the activities! (Since he is 2.5, I don't force him to do any of them).
This was his desk area. The shelves had some of the books from his Christmas Advent Bags and the wall had some work.
These were the playroom shelves. The top had Magna-Tile trees and a cup of "puppets" (printed from Making Learning Fun) to use with Bear Stays Up for Christmas. Shelves on the left had a pipe cleaner tree with pony beads, a puzzle, a big bin of jingle bells and magnets and Don't Break the Ice. Shelves on the right had Manga-Qubix, a wooden Christmas cookie set, Candy Construction, lacing letters, base ten blocks and a basket of cars.

Pipe cleaner tree with pony beads.

Math measuring (Free to print here).

I used an overhead marker to write on Don't Break the Ice. He would knock them down and then read me the words he got.
Ornament Venn Diagrams. I just printed ornaments of different patterns and colors and used our Venn Diagram rings.
Skip counting trees were a big hit. He actually went to my drawer of materials and got them out multiple times. (Free to print here)
Ornament word families. Archer still needs a bit of help with this. He can do it by looking at the letters, but struggles a bit by rhyming out  oud (free to print here)
We used an ornament matching game to play memory. (From Tons of Fun)
Felt ornaments and tree.
Archer wanted to do lots and lots of play dough this week. I think he really liked having a big bin of toys and tools.
Snowflake stickers.
Melissa and Doug reusable stickers are some of the few fine motor activities he really likes. This was the Chirstmas set.
Christmas pattern blocks. Really, he only likes this one with presents because it reminds him of the number blocks. (From PreKinders)
Lacing Letters (garland?)
Tracing letters in his alphabet coloring book (laminated for dry erase). Not Christmasy, but he asked to do it.
More letter tracing. Once again, his choice.
Big bin of Christmas bells better put to use to hold up his math cubes?
This was by far the favorite activity. I made little letters on slips of paper with gingerbread men. He would draw a slip and then create the number with his base ten blocks. I thought he'd do one or two, he did seven the first time. He's also gotten it out almost every day since, even now that we are supposed to be on vacation.
Candy cane letter matching (from The Activity Mom)

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