Thursday, August 6, 2020

Tot School: Pete the Cat Theme

Earlier this week I posted our Pete the Cat Learning Pack. Those, along with the original Pete the Cat Tot Pack are what we used for a theme this week.
This was the shelf by his desk. I put all the Pete the Cat Books we have. I also put the little shapes book I made.
This tray had some cupcake cards and number tiles. Archer enjoys counting and really enjoys the number cards, so it was a fun activity for him.
Letters are a big thing around here. I initially intended this to just be a matching activity. However, I decided to laminate it and add Velcro dots to make it into a toddler notebook page (I hadn't yet hole punched it when I took the pictures). Now to hope he doesn't lose any when he carries them around the house...
I used a dry erase pocket for his worksheets. He has been preferring the dry erase colored pencils lately.
He also used the dry erase colored pencils on some of his other printables.
I also got out his Hide and Seek Positional Word Game. He would pick a card and then go hide the toy cat there.
I picked up this Pete the Cat Hot Dots Book at a local thrift store. He can do some of it on his own, but needs his help with a lot of it (it is from the Kindergarten set, we don't have any of the preschool ones)

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