Monday, August 3, 2020

Pete the Cat Learning Pack

Free Printable Pete the Cat Learning Activities

When Xander was little, and Pete the Cat was new, I made a Tot Pack to go with the book I Love My White Shoes. Now that Archer is into Pete the Cat, I decided to make some extra pages to go with it.
Pages in the new pack include:
  • Match the Pairs—Draw a line between the matching items
  • Number Line—Figure out which number Grumpy Toad is covering up
  • Alphabet Hide and See—Figure out which letter Pete is covering up
  • Coin Recognition
  • Alphbet Case Matching Buttons—I printed, laminated and cut out the lower case. Then I used Velcro dots so they can be stuck to the lowercase page.
  • Number Tile Cards:  Use for a matching activity with plastic number tiles or Printable Number Tiles (I used a sharpie to make a 10 on the back of one of the plastic tiles).

You might also like my free Hide and Seek Kitty Cat game for positional words.

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