Friday, June 26, 2020

Tot School Cross Activities

Archer was 25 Months
We have been working on Shape Themes in Tot School. You can see the Shape Themes "Curriculum" post here. This week was cross.
This is what Archer's desk area looked like. The shelf included a couple Non-Fiction Sight Words books, a Meet the Sight Words book, an alphabet book, an Animal Antics reader, and a blends reader. Since we did service vehicle vocab cards, I also included some service vehicle books.
He has been really into using dot magnets on his little easel for his dot art page (Free to print here).
Using a cross cookie cutter.
Coloring some crosses. He used both Do a Dot Markers and crayons. He made us write in a "teal" (Free to print here). 
Attempting to trace some crosses (Free to print here)
Service vehicle tracing. (Free to print here)
Ambulance shape matching activity. (Free to print here)
Lacing pony beads on a pipe cleaner.
Matching Service Vehicle Vocabulary Cards (Free to print here)
Playroom shelves include both theme related tot school activities and other toys, usually open ended. The goal is to work on things like fine motor skills, visual spacial skills, math and literacy (and keep him entertained). I have been trying to also include one of our toddler games, to get him more used to playing games with us.

The marker board had some Magna-Tile crosses. On top we had Feed the Woozle. The shelves on the left had some lacing cards, math cubes and pattern cards, service vehicle garages and his Design and Drill. Shelves on the right had some sequencing puzzles, a wooden puzzle, a Magna doodle with alphabet magnets, vehicle countersWay To Play roads and a bin of cars with highway shape (from Making Learning Fun).
Feed the Woozle. He doesn't actually play by the rules, but enjoys the activity of feeding it.
Service vehicle lacing. He still needs lots of help. (Free to print here)
Design and Drill. I only got our some of each color bolt, because I have found he does better with this type of toy if he doesn't have ALL the pieces at once. 
Sequencing puzzles. I learned Archer can put the pieces together, but is not yet ready to understand the concept of sequencing.
Magna doodle with alphabet magnets. These poor magnets are very very well loved. He tends to carry them around the house, so we are definitely missing a few. He enjoyed putting them on the Magna Doodle, but also on his magnetic easel.
Vehicle counters were a big hit this week. We did some counting, a little sorting and some pouring.

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