Tuesday, January 7, 2014

School Room Updates

When we moved into my dad's after my divorce so that I could finish grad school, he was gracious enough to give us the master bedroom.  While it is a big space, it has to serve as my bedroom, my office, and our school room.  Therefore, I'm always looking for ways to use the space better.  That is why I am so excited about my Christmas present this year!

I got a BESTA cabinet from IKEA (ok, I know I'm weird for being excited about it, but I'm a full time grad student with no income, so purchases like this are huge for me!).  I used money my mom gave me for Christmas, my boyfriend's family picked it up on a trip to Chicago, and my boyfriend assembled it for me!  I felt like one very lucky girl!

Xander's desk area is next to my shelves.  The shelving unit on the left held a lot of our art supplies, some of his toys, and some of my things.  The shelves with bins were where I put his activities for each week.
His desk stayed in place, but two of the shelves with bins got replaced by the cabinet.  One moved to the basement and one moved over on the right wall, next to his dresser.  The room is a little cramped, but that's to be expected when it has to serve so many functions!
 Since many of our school items were scattered between my storage bins, my clothes closet, and the basement, I felt like I was always neglecting many of our activities.  I am so excited to have everything in pretty much one location!  There is still so much space in it too (although I know I'll eventually fill it)!  I LOVE having everything so organized.  And yes, I did make laminated labels for everything!
A Look Inside
 Top Left: 
Light box tools, flashcards, 3 Part Cards, and little containers for work boxes.
 Middle Left:
Art supplies, including crayons, markers, paint, paintbrushes, glue.  It also has our foam stamps, stampers, Do-a-Dot markers, and special crayons and markers.
 Bottom Left:
Top shelf is the bottom one from the previous picture.  The bottom just has our Play Dough Fun Box and stickers.
 Top Right:
Toob animals, letter construction tools (HWWT and foam pieces) and letter, word and math manipulatives. 
 Right Middle:
Math and fine motor manipulatives
 Bottom Right:
Games!  I hadn't planned on putting these in here, but did because I had plenty of space!

No I'll need to figure out what to do with all the space left over in my closet and in the basement!

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