Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Meet Simmy

Those of you who follow my Alphabet in Simple Science series may remember that when we did H for Habitat, we discussed all the things a pet aquatic frog would need.  Well, my brother brought a little tank for Xander and we prepped it with rocks and water.  This week, we went to pick out our frog.  Xander named him Simmy.

The first day we had him, Xander sat right next to him to eat lunch.  He kept chatting with his frog, which I thought was adorable!
Unfortunately, the original home we had for Simmy was just a bit too cold (in between two outside walls with super cold temps).  His tank now has a new home in my room.  I'm hoping it will be more comfortable for him.
 Here's our brainstorm from our H for Habitat week.  He definitely has water and space to swim.  Xander has been having fun giving him food every day (with Mommy supervision, of course).  No carrots though... We would have loved a friend, except our tank is too small for two.  If Xander does well with him, maybe we can find a slightly larger tank and get him some friends!

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