Monday, October 21, 2013

G Week

This Week's Work
Letter Formation/Pre-Writing
Tracing the letters with his write and wipe cards.
Practicing writing in his sand box.
Q-Tip Painting (from 1+1+1=1)
 Letter Maze
We did the "ai" Beginner Spelling Cards this week.  He did a great job with the structure of the cards, but struggled some when I asked him to spell "sail" all by himself.  He loves letters, though, so I know we'll get there!
Cut and Paste Phonics Hunt
We did letter G of his Cut and Past Phonics Hunt.  
Playing Boggle Junior.  I picked it up at a garage sale over a year ago, and got it out for him again.  He really likes it.  He likes spelling the words on the cards and just using the letter dice to make up his own words.  Today he was so proud that he spelled the word poop with the dice all by himself!  How is it that boys learn to think that is funny at such an early age?!?  I certainly didn't teach him!
A phonics page and a gumball fraction page from Raising Rockstars Kindergarten

He used his see and stamps to decorate some Gs for his wall.
We're still doing our Alphabet in Simple Science, and this week was G for Gas!  As a refresher, we pulled out his States of Matter book again.  Check back on Friday for the full post of activities!
Since Halloween is coming up, we also read a couple books on bats.  I'll get out more bat books next week, but wanted to start with the more educational (less Halloween-y ones).  We also watch the Magic School Bus: Going Batty
I got out these animal 3 part cards this week, totally forgetting that we haven't done the Little Reader lesson I made to go with it.  Oops!  Well then we went back and did the Little Reader lesson two or three times and he was able to get a lot of them.  I'll have to keep showing him the lesson and revisit in a week or so!
Since we were learning about bats, he watched Magic School Bus: Going Batty in Spanish also.
Sensory Play
Playing in his water beads on his light box!
Preschool Backpack
Here is what was in this week's Preschool Backpack:
Build a Letter Templates with foam pieces
 Worksheets (full list used here)
2 Books for him to read aloud

Tot SchoolA Mom With a Lesson Plan

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  1. You had a full week with the letter G - looks like MUCH fun. :)


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