Monday, October 14, 2013

F Week

This Week's Work
Letter Formation/Pre-Writing
Tracing the letters with his write and wipe cards.
Practicing writing in his sand box.
Building some Fs with his foam blocks.  (Templates free here)
Q-Tip Painting (from 1+1+1=1)
 Using his Build a Letter Templates and HWWT pieces. First he built the letters on the templates, then he built them by themselves.
 Letter Maze
 I love catching him reading books to himself!
Cut and Paste Phonics Hunt
Doing the letter F of the Cut and Past Phonics Hunt.  This was his first time using a glue stick... it was a bit of a challenge.
Doing a couple of pages from Raising Rockstars Kindergarten
Working through our Teddy Bear Counting book with some sorting bears.
Painting some Fs with feathers... as well as just dumping paint on them.
We're still doing our Alphabet in Simple Science, and this week was F for Float!  You can check out the post here.
Sensory Play
Apparently you do not need a sensory tub to have fun with your sensory tools...
 Building towers on his light table.
Preschool Backpack
Here is what was in this week's Preschool Backpack:
Oreo Matching Middles Game
Template and pieces from his Construction Truck Sort and Match
Word and Picture Puzzles
Worksheets (full list used here)
2 Books for him to read aloud
Just for Fun
This week Xander spent a ton of time playing with his Magnetix!  I didn't interfere, but he spontaneously did lots of sorting and "patterning."  I love watching to see what catches his interest.
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