Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Developing Interests: States

A huge part of early education is following the child's lead.  Personally, I hate do not care for geography.  I'm horrible at it, I have no interest, enough said.  Well Xander, on the other hand, has developed a huge interest in the states.  It started when about a month ago when I took the tray off his high chair and bought him a United States place-mat.  He, of course, started asking about all of the states and who lived in each one.  Because he was so interested, I showed him the following video of Fifty Nifty United States.  He was totally hooked!  I was happy because of the way it depicts the states, it is very similar to the Doman method of flashing.  He likes to replay it during breakfast, so I now start humming it every time I go to pack our lunches.  He is learning so quickly, that he used some of his money to but a wooden states puzzle.  We're now working on learning where all the states go and what all of their capitals are (I say we, because I have forgotten the majority of the capitals and am relearning them right along with him).  This is not the subject area I thought we would be working on this fall, but I find myself enjoying it simply because he is so enthusiastic!  I cannot wait to see down what other learning paths he chooses to lead us.

Xander randomly singing the states song...
Working on his puzzle.

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