Monday, March 25, 2013

K for Kangaroo

Xander is 28 Months

We are currently working on our Mommy & Me ABC units.  Between illness, schoolwork, and a short road trip, it took us a few weeks, but we finally finished letter K!  Unless otherwise specified, all of the printables are from my Mommy & Me ABC Printables, which are free as we complete them (for a detailed list of all the materials in the printables, check out this post).

 His white board had some kangaroo magnets, alphabet magnets, and his fridge phonics set.  His shelf had some K's and some kangaroo books.

Kangaroo Tracing
Letter Clipping
Kangaroo Number Cards
I used a hole punch to make a hole in the square where the number tile goes on each card.  Then we counted the number of kangaroos on the card, found the matching number tile, and then used learning links to make a chain of that length.  He is getting much better at putting the links together!

Kangaroo Size Sort

Kangaroo Bottle Cap Matching

Letter K Alphabet Sensory Bin

Play Dough
Xander asked for the play dough multiple times this letter.  He did his play dough stamping page with the lowercase stampers as well as using some letter K cookie cutters.  He also kept putting all the play dough in the kangaroo cookie cutter and putting it in the "oven" (under the table) to make a cake.
 Drinking coffee and making snakes

 Letter K and Kangaroo Puzzles
We did some stamping with our uppercase and lowercase stamp and washable stamp pads.
Alphabet Pegs
Building a "tower" on the K from peg letters.
Other Tot School Activities
I got out the animal matching cards that go with the Mommy and Me ABC printables.  We haven't done them in a long time, but he had a good time and got most of them right away.

Tot School

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