Monday, March 11, 2013

From Dots to Marshmallows

We are changing our approach to math!

I posted a couple years ago about doing the dot cards with Xander, as described in How to Teach Your Baby Math by Glenn Doman.  We did all cards 0-100 and have since used Little Math.  I delayed counting and numerals, just like I was supposed to and he still doesn't recognize quantities readily.  While Little Reader and the techniques from How To Teach Your Baby to Read have worked for us with phenomenal results, the "right brain" equivalents for math just haven't.  I think it is mostly my fault since I have not been all that consistent in working with him in the subject.  Regardless, we are moving on!
I recently purchased Marshmallow Math (Kindle version available super cheap) and am working my way through it.  I love that it has great suggestions and examples of how to work math into everyday life, without a ton of planning or effort.  Xander is counting pretty well now, so we will continue with this new hands-on, playful approach.

I'm also considering purchasing the first level of Right Start Math this summer and trying to adapt it for his level.  I think using the two approaches would give him well rounded exposure.

What kids of activities do you do to bring math into your toddler's life? 


  1. You havee great resources. It's awesome that you make tot school such a priority, being a single, mom worth so much other stiff going on!

    1. Thank you so much! I try, but I always feel like I could do more, especially this semester!


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