Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tot Trays - Christmas Edition (13.5 Months)

For last week's tot trays I tried to have a Christmasy theme.

One tray had a green snowman silicone mold with jingle bells.  I showed him how to put a bell in each snow man.  However, he much preferred taking the bells out and putting them back in the red cup.  Shaking the cup  til the bells flew out was also a lot of fun.

One tray was replaced with our green bin from our green week.

Our puzzle was this great wooden Christmas puzzle I got from Oriental Trading Co back when they were having free shipping.  They were way too hard for him to get in, but he liked pulling them out.  It was a new skill for him since most of his puzzles have pegs instead of finger holes.

Of course, he had to try the puzzle pieces.

For the last tray, I got his felt Christmas tree and ornaments back out.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures this time around, so these are from last time.

Tot School

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