Monday, December 19, 2011

Tot Trays - 13.5 Months

Now that Xander is walking constantly, and officially a toddler, I figured I should probably switch to calling them Tot Trays, instead of Baby Trays.

This week we tried a couple of new things.  First, for one of the trays we had a big bin of red items to go with this week's color theme.  Xander really seemed to enjoy it, particularly scattering little red objects all over the room...

One tray had his Leap Frog Wash & Go Magnet Set, with only the pieces for the fire truck.  He isn't ready to have all the pieces out yet.

 On another tray I had a tall container with pieces of pipe cleaner.  He understood what he was supposed to do, and could get the pipe cleaners in some of the time.  However, if he grabbed the pipe cleaner in the middle, it was really hard for him to get it in since it would bend.  Now I realize he needed something much more rigid than pip cleaners.  We will try a similar activity again soon.

One of his favorite things about this tray was trying to put the lid on the container.

And, as always, one tray contained a peg puzzle.  Sorry, I didn't get a picture of it this week.  We also worked on activities like drawing, erasing, and our Christmas Light Puzzle.

Tot School

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  1. I started doing some tot school with my son, now 24 months, around the same time that he was this age. I didn`t start posting about it for a bit after that as we had a busy start to the year {premmie birth of his brother, living away from home, earthquakes}

    One of the in/out activities he really liked around this time was cotton ear buds into a plastic bottle! They might be a bit sturdier!

    He looks so concentrated when trying to put the lid back on!

    Merry Christmas


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