Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Color Themes - Green

In honor of Christmas, I decided this past week's color should be green.  We learned a lot from our red week and made some changes this week.  Unfortunately, we didn't spend as much time on green activities as I would have liked.  Xander was sick one day, I was sick another, and we had various holiday festivities going on.  Anyway, here is what we did do...

Once again, we replaced one of his tot trays with a bin of random green objects.  We have green balls from his ball pit, stacking cups, spools, play food, bristle blocks, dado squares, blocks, little maracas, and counting bears.  This was a big hit.  He would pull it out multiple times a day and scatter the contents across the room.

To keep myself more organized this week, I added a little bin to hold our color theme activities.  I moved his wash and go magnetic set to here rather than a tot tray.  He still couldn't get the green train pieces in himself, but he is getting better.  He enjoyed listening to the song it plays.  The bin also has color related books, like our Your Baby Can Discover Colors book, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Color Crunch, Baby Colors, and A Color of His Own.  There are foam cards with their color names written on them, the Christmas Light Game, and little book I made of the colors and their names.  My goal is to read these periodically while we do our color weeks.  

In addition to the books we own, we have been watching a YouTube video with a reading of "I Love My White Shoes" by Eric Litwin.  Xander LOVES it and will get really upset if when it is over.  The book doesn't actually use the color green, but still introduces other colors.  
Our local library also lets us log in to their subscription to Tumble Books from home.  It is a great resource for watching kids ebooks.  Xander seemed interested in Red is a Dragon by Roseanne Thong when we watched it.  I am sure we will find others he will enjoy to watch.

I also added My Green Book, a little laminated book I made for him.  I made a copy of each page in both English and Spanish.  He seems to enjoy "helping" me color the pages as I read them to him.  I added it to my downloads page, or you can get it here.

Erasing with style.

We played with green play dough...

...put stickers on green paper...

Tot School

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