Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day and 6 Month Updates!

I have been meaning to write about a few things, but haven't had much time (or sleep) lately to make it to the computer.

Well my baby is 6 months!  I can't believe it!  Half a year!  He had his 6 month well check today, and is doing great!  17lbs and 25.5 inches, about the 50th, and 25th percentile, respectively.  He is looking less and less like a baby and more like a little boy!  I love this stage, I love seeing him develop, and I love every day with him, but I feel like it is happening too fast!

Today the doctor told us he can start working to three meals a day, which more foods at each meal.  He also told us to go ahead with puffs.  If Xander could have understood I am sure he would have kissed the doctor!  He stares at anyone eating with these huge puppy dog eyes, like he is begging them to share.  He will enjoy having more meals with the adults.  I tried giving him some puffs after lunch, but he was a bit confused.  He ate them if I held them in his mouth, otherwise they would fall out and he would wonder where they went.  I don't think it will take him long to figure out, though.

First time eating puffs.
Sunday was also our first Mother's day.  I was a little nervous about how I would feel.  Mother's day kind of loses its meaning when the father of your infant just doesn't care.  However, thanks to great family and friends, it was great!  Xander made me h is first card at day care!  I don't know if you can tell, but those blue smudges are his fingers.  Definitely one for the memory box.  I was also given some flowers and some balloons on his behalf.  Best of all, I got to spend the whole day with my little guy!  I feel so blessed to get to be his mother.

This weekend Xander also got to use his bath ring for the first time.  For a while now he has been trying to sit upright in his baby bathtub, which reclines him.  I figured he would enjoy getting to sit during his bath.  He LOVED it.  He had been fussy, but calmed right down when I put him in.  We played with some bath toys and practiced splashing.  I am just a bit paranoid about him tipping, so didn't get many pictures.

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