Monday, December 6, 2021

Christmas Math Printables 2

In prepping for some of our Christmas themed school activities, I made some math materials for Archer. I haven't used all of these yet, but thought I would share in case anyone else would like to use them. Note: I did make some Christmas Math Printables for Xander when he was little, they're just too easy for Archer at this point.

Greater Than/Less Than Stocking

Kindergarten Christmas December Math activities
We've been working on the concepts of greater than and less than. For this activity I made a bunch of numbered stockings and put them in a little container together. He will draw two out and we will hang them to a ribbon in the order he draws them (bringing in the clothespins for fine motor practice, hooray for multitasking). I made greater than and less than stockings on yellow, both in symbols and words, for him to practice putting in the middle.

Christmas Tree 10 Frame

Kindergarten Christmas December Math activities
He really liked a 10s frame worksheet I found back in the fall, so I decided to make a Christmas version. He will fill in the frames with the correct number of dots (in the correct position).

Christmas Number Matching Tinsel Hunt

Kindergarten Christmas December Math activities
He likes 10s frame matching activities, so I made one with elves and reindeer. I weaved some tinsel garland through a basket with big holes (both from Dollar Tree). Then I buried the cards down in the basket for him to find. Because 1-10 is too easy, I only printed 11-20, but the file has all of them.

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