Monday, December 20, 2021

Christmas Activities (3 Year Old & Pre-K)

While we are slowly working our way through some purchased curriculum this year, I am still supplementing with some fun themed activities. Here are some of the Christmas activities we did. Archer is three and a half.
I got a floral cone at the craft store and stuck in a bunch of toothpicks. He had fun decorating his "tree" with mini ornaments.
No action pics, but he did have fun decorating his Magna-Tile tree with little jingle bells.
To work on greater than and less than, I made these stocking printables.
Christmas playdough. I meant to get a cute little organizer for all of the fun Christmas accessories we have, but he got to it before I did. He didn't seem to care. 
I strung a tinsel garland through a basket with big holes for this math activity. I put a bunch of tens frame matching cards down inside and he had to dig them out and match them up. 
Star beads and pipe cleaners made for a super simple fine motor activity.
We worked on this ornament craft together. It was intended for older kids, so we adapted it a bit to fit his ability.
This tray was a mom fail. I found some fun plastic ornaments at the craft store and gave him a bunch of colorful pom poms and little plastic gifts to go in. My plan was for him to be able to fill and dump, but I accidentally bought ornaments with holes that were too small for dumping. He had fun while it lasted.
I made him this syllable worksheet. We used bingo chips to cover the star that had the correct number of syllables.
Building with Candy Construction.
We have a few different Christmas Sticker books, but I only snagged this one picture.

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