Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Improve Your Career Development With These Tips

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Did you know that over the course of your life, you will spend over 90,000 hours at work? That’s a lot of time spent doing something to earn yourself the money you need to eat and live. As you are going to spend so much time at work and earning cash, the best thing that you can do is ensure that your career is developing the way you want it to.

You wouldn't get your teacher certification and then not work to be a head tutor or a deputy headteacher, leading to headteacher. There is always progression to be had in any career but if you want to improve your chances, these are the tips that you will need:

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  1. Make sure that you have clear deadlines for your goals. You don't need to work toward being a certain age and then hit the goal you want to hit, but you need to create some goals for yourself so that you are working toward the success that you want. Goals offer you the chance to focus, and you need to get specific about it. There is such a thing as setting SMART goals, and these can really help you. A deadline offers you the chance to be accountable for yourself, and this eliminates the wasted time and effort you would spend.

  2. Invest in you! You need to develop your career and if that means paying into yourself to get a further qualification, go ahead and get it! You need to make sure that you are taking the time to develop your functional skills, and the best way to do that is to take courses and improve. Your ability to learn doesn't stop after a certain age, so be smart about it and get yourself into learning. Your skills are more marketable if you have them in the first place. 

  3. Make sure that you use your current role. Speak to your current employer and make sure that you are in the spotlight for a potential promotion if there is one to be had. You know that most employers will give preference to current employees, so ensure that you are right in there and are getting the best from your current role first. Got a great idea on how to solve teacher shortage issues or increase engagement from students in math class? Share it and show them what you’re capable of.

  4. Find a mentor. You are never too old to have guidance in the career that you want, and the best way to get that is to find a mentor who is doing what you want to do. You can then work to ensure that you are having the career doors opened for you. They’ll help you to expand your personal and professional network and you can then be in a position to better realize your potential.

  5. Get it all on paper. From your goals to your progress that you have made, you need to get it all down on paper. You have to think about how much satisfaction comes with the career advancement that you have. It’s satisfying to be able to see how far you’re getting with your career plans.

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