Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Visual Homeschool Pre-K Schedule

Free Printable Visual Homeschool Pre-K Schedule
As I was planning our Pre-K year, I wanted to find a way to help us organize our days. Since my son is only 3, I want most of his time to be unstructured play. Any school work we do together should be fun and low pressure. A rigid schedule just wouldn't work for that. Instead, I came up with this visual schedule.

The left side has the things he still needs to do and the right side is for things he has finished. I printed little icons for all of the things we will do regularly, as well as a few blank ones for things I come up with on the spot. I used Velcro dots to make it easy for him. I also only included room for six things. I am expecting us to do fewer on most days, but that provides us a max. 

I may start out at only one or two things to get him used to the idea of having to get something done. I'm hoping this will transition well into other types of goals and task lists as he gets older.


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