Thursday, August 12, 2021

Art Activity for The Perfect Fit

Art activity to go with a lesson about acceptance and diversity with the book The Pefrect Fit
As I wrote about in our Pre-K Curriculum post, this year I am trying to include Heart Lessons. These are lessons about social emotional skills like kindness, friendship, self regulation, etc. One of the books I got to go with this theme was The Perfect Fit by Naomi Jones. Archer LOVED the book and when we read it three times in a row one day, I thought it might be fun to make a little art project to go with it.

The story is about Triangle who feels like she doesn't quite fit in, so she goes off in search of a place where everyone is exactly like her. She eventually finds it, but realizes things are more fun when all different kinds of shapes play together. Great message and it features shapes, for my little shape-loving guy! 
The book features patterns the shapes all make together, so I used some construction paper to cut out shapes in the same colors as the book. (I used his shape cookie cutters we use for playdough and Magna Qubix to trace the shapes). Now this kid has not been a big fan of art in general. I have to work to get him to paint, color, glue, etc., so I was thrilled when he was interested in gluing the shapes on! He also drew some faces on some of the shapes before tiring out! I have plenty of shapes cut out still, so we'll likely do this multiple times! 

It may not look like a lot, but it is more gluing than I have ever gotten him to do in one sitting! He even made a little "fishy" like in the book.


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