Tuesday, June 1, 2021

How To Encourage Your Child To Be A Creative Thinker

 Creativity is a skill, which parents can encourage in their children. You might think of creativity as an inborn talent, but there are ways to teach it too. Creativity is not just limited to being musical or artistic. Creative thinking is essential for math, science, social intelligence, and more. Here are some easy ways to encourage your child to be a creative thinker. 

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Encourage Questions

One of the best ways to encourage a child to think creatively is to encourage them to wonder about things. Ask your child questions when you’re doing things together, like asking why they think the sky is blue, or how they think gravity works. They don’t need to get the answer right, but thinking about it will develop their ability to think creatively. You can explain the right answer to them afterwards, helping them to be curious about the world around them. This can enhance their imagination and problem-solving skills. 

Help Them Express Their Intelligence

There are different kinds of intelligence. These different skills can be developed over time, even if your child doesn’t initially show signs of them. Sometimes it can be hard to recognize what a child is naturally inclined towards a certain kind of intelligence. To find out, give your child lots of opportunities to express all different kinds of intelligence, through play, worksheets, and puzzles, so you can see what they do best. You can get started with these 3rd Grade Lesson Plans

Teach Them Problem Solving

Whether it’s a difficult homework question or an emotional problem, you should help your child to understand there are always multiple ways to come at a problem to solve it. Teach them that their different perspectives on everything. Help them to see all sides of a problem and the different ways to solve it. 

Capture Their Curiosity

Children are naturally curious and always want to learn about things. Find ways to push their curiosity in the right direction. For example, expose to them your local culture through art and literature, and talk to them about what they read and see means. Talk about nature, what’s on the news, or about things that are happening in the lives of their friends. Find age-appropriate ways to discuss important topics, like the environment. Meaningful discussion can get their curiosity going. 

Encourage Reading For Pleasure

Limit the screen time of your children, whether TV, computers, phones, or tablets. Doing this give your children more time for more creative hobbies, like reading, which will encourage creativity. Reading for pleasure is a great way to help your child understand the world and express themselves better. It develops their logical thinking skills and can focus them on learning new things if something captures their interests. Take them to the library and let them pick out books. Talk to them about the books they like and why. This can give you an insight into the way your child thinks and what appeals to them when they read. 

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