Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Birthday Week Preschool Activities

I can't believe I am just now getting to Archer's birthday post! His birthday was mid May! I blame the basement renovation! Anyway, since we had a houseguest, Xander was almost done with school and the weather was finally beautiful, we went pretty light on the school work.
Playdough was the biggest hit of the week! I got out some silicone cupcake liners, number candles and googly eyes. Archer made cupcakes and monsters multiple times.
More play dough with his resin numbers. These were perfect since I used confetti sprinkles in them.
We did all of the pages from his Birthday Cuisenaire Printables
I found this adorable ice cream number sorting activity from TPT. It was perfect for my little guy who LOVES all things numbers. To make it easier, we did divide them into 1-10 and 11-20. Otherwise, it took up too much space for him to see all the cones well.
Cloud dough (flour and baby oil) with some cupcake liners, a scoop and his resin numbers.
These were some of the birthday themed books on his shelf.
Reading If You Give a Pig a Party made him want to read all of our Laura Numeroff books
Birthday cake dot to dot.
He found these giant playing cards and spent days organizing them (and just carrying them around). However, he hates the face cards and refuses to keep them in the deck.
Playing with pattern play blocks.
His big birthday gift from us this year was a boat and canal set from AquaPlay. I like it a lot, but it really does need a level surface.
Making shapes with geometry building set
Nice weather meant we got to blow up the kiddie pool!
Archer found his base ten blocks, so wanted to build several numbers.
Light table play
Historically, Archer has not been one to color. Luckily, he has been much more into using crayons lately. He mostly uses them to write numbers and draw lines and shapes.

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