Thursday, June 27, 2019

12.5 Month Learning Shelves and Activities

Here were Archer's shelves for 12.5 months.
I've really been trying to model matching for him, so I had out a few of the Who Lives Where game pieces.  He isn't ready to fully match on his own or to put the animals in the slots himself.  However, he can sometimes match correctly and enjoys doing the activity together.
This little basket had some small maracas and an iced tea bottle.  We practiced matching and colors with the maracas and Archer spent a TON of time putting them in the bottle.
A shelf had his nesting garages.  It's the first time he's really seen this toy and he really enjoyed it.  He liked to put the boxes into each other and take them apart.  He also put the cars in them (although not "correctly".  He carried the cars around the playroom a lot and loved knocking over any towers I built for him.
Another shelf had Wave Hello, Wave Bye-Bye (we LOVE this series of books) and a bunch of Toob animals to go with.  We practiced waving to the animals and finding the toy to go with each page.
Another basket had his magnetic gears.  I actually got these from Lakeshore Learning, because they had the best reviews.  Archer liked putting them on and taking them off the marker board.  They stick even better to our dishwasher, so I took them into the kitchen while I was cooking a few times. 
I found this little magnetic shapes book for a dollar at a garage sale, so thought I'd set it out.  Archer really liked pulling the magnets out, but not so much putting them back in.  I ended up finding the magnets in random places all over, so at least he had fun hiding them.
This vehicle sounds puzzle was a love/hate thing with Archer.  He was fascinated by it, but also a little scared of it.  We ended up putting it on his lap desk and playing with it together.

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