Friday, June 14, 2019

12 Month Learning Shelves and Activities

Happy summer! I just realized that I never posted Archer's 12 month learning shelves!  Oops. Here's what we had.
One basket had a bunch of those activity balls.  He likes to pick up each one, shake it and then throw them behind him.  He also just dumped the whole basket frequently.

Another basket had his sorting food.  He's not quite ready to sort on his own, yet, but this is a good modeling activity.  He also really enjoys putting the food in the buckets, regardless of the color.  And eating them (see below).

This basket had his magnetic balls and sticks. He likes putting them together and taking them apart. 
We also started practicing looking for a "match."  I'd set out a bunch, hold one up, describe it and ask him to help me find the match.  Sometimes he could do it, sometimes he was too busy doing his own thing with them.  :)
His Dimpl was out on a shelf too.  He likes it, but struggles to do it himself, unless someone else is hold it for him.
Another shelf had his little school bus and school "door" (I can't find the set that includes the school door on Amazon). This was one of the absolute best garage sale finds!  While it was out, Archer played with it almost daily.  He likes opening and closing the door, pulling out the stop sign and putting the people in the bus.  He's also put finger puppets through the door or in the bus.

We had this fish color puzzle out.  Archer isn't quite ready to do it independently, but enjoyed taking all the pieces out and putting some back.  Mostly, we did it together.
We also had out the latch board.  Now this is one I always tease myself about buying it for him.  Yes, it is fine motor practice, but do I really want him to be able to open locks?? Regardless, it got lots of use, from both him and Xander.

The top of the shelves had his bottle and straws.  I know I already posted about it, but I still cannot believe how much time he devoted to this activity!!
On top of the shelves I had some Meet the Sight Words books.  We read them several times while they were out.  He seems to enjoy the words with which he is familiar.  He loves the movies, so that helps!

Still my adventurous boy!  He loves his Pikler's Triangle! 

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