Sunday, January 25, 2015

Free Base Ten Mat for Dollar Store Place Value Cards

I recently purchased a Mathtacular DVD for Xander.  Even though it is super long, and formatted more for use in an elementary classroom than entertainment purchases, he LOVES it.  He's been watching it frequently and been very excited about numbers and mathematics lately.  Not wanting to lose the momentum, I decided to look for a set of base ten blocks.  Unfortunately, they all seemed pretty expensive, so I was absolutely THRILLED to find some place value cards at Dollar Tree.

  Place Value Cards from Dollar Tree

To go with them, I made this place value mat.  The colors all line up and  I included a place to write the numbers at the bottom also.  By printing it on card stock and laminating it, he can write and erase over and over.  To use it, I gave him a stack of cards, had him sort them into their place values, and then figure out the total.

You can print your own here.

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