Sunday, December 7, 2014

Early Education and Letting the Child be a Child

I loaded these pictures from my camera and just had to share.  To  me, these pictures, which were completely un-staged, epitomizes early learning.  Contrary to what many nay-sayers might argue, kids can learn young and still be children.

Xander is four and loves lots of things most little four year olds love.  He LOVES super heroes, which he mostly met through books since we don't have cable.  He often wears costumes and I never know whether to address Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Stephen Rogers, Superman, Spiderman, Buzz, or Xander.  He loves getting messy, dancing, building, playing outsides... and reading.  Being taught to read young has simply opened the door to him to new characters to love, odd facts with which to become fascinated (like the composition of blood), and to a way to entertain himself when I am working on other things.

Do you have any pictures of your little one being both a "child" and enjoying their early education? We could put a big collection here or even a Early Learning Picture of the Week.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. How do we post a photo, I have one I'd like to share

    1. Maybe Blogger won't let you? You can always email it to me with any little blurb you'd like and I"ll just include it in the original post!


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