Sunday, September 7, 2014

Egyptian Theme

Finally finished out second theme!  (Check out these posts for our learning goals and how our school work will be organized.  I'm hoping to make our themes fun and hands on).  Earlier this summer Xander picked up the book The Runaway Mummy at a garage sale.  He has been obsessed with mummies ever since, so we decided to do an Ancient Egyptian unit.

We started out by reading some of the great books we got to review (see the review here).  Xander absolutely loves the Look Inside book and the sticker book.
Of course, we also read the Runaway Mummy, as well as Ms. Frizzle Adventures in Ancient Egypt.

Then I found some great printable activities from 3 Dinosaurs.  We did some graphing and a number puzzle.
Royal Baloo Also had some fun printables.  Here we were deciphering hieroglyphs
For some vocabulary building we used my Ancient Egypt Vocabulary Cards and the Ancient Egypt Toob.
Sensory Play
I finally got him some Kinetic Sand (Michael's with a 50% coupon).  It is fantastic with Learning Resources Geometric Solids.
He made the Pyramid of Giza and the "Sphere of Giza."
He also played with his Ancient Egypt Toob in the kinetic sand.
Visual Spatial
We built some pyramids... lots of pyramids.  First he made them out of Magna-Tiles.
Then he asked me to make the Sphinx.  I wasn't sure I could pull it off, but don't think I did too badly.
He built the Pyramids of Giza behind the Sphinx.
Then we made a pyramid out of Playstix.  He asked to bury all the yellow pieces inside the pyramid.
We also made some pyramids out of Wedgits, but for some reason, I forgot to take a picture.

We added another page to our science notebooks with A for Archaeology!  I'll post the full list of activities soon!

Couldn't have an Ancient Egypt week without turning him into a mummy.  Before I wrapped him up I reminded him that they only made mummies out of dead people.  Then we talked about how they'd first take out all the organs (and throw away those worthless brains).  Then they'd put the bodies in salt for a long time to dry them out.  Then mummies would be wrapped with fabric and amulets.
We're still (slowly) working on All About Spelling.  Here Xander was making kissy noises to "warm up" for his lesson.
Then after spelling each word correctly, he had to get up and do a happy dance.

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  1. What a fun unit! I loved that you turned him into a mummy, too :)


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