Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Theme

With my finals approaching, we took a couple of weeks off from the Mommy and Me ABCs.  Instead, we did some spring activities.

Rainbow Math Game
I posted this rainbow math game a while back.  I had him draw a number tile to determine how many clouds (cotton balls) to put in the sky.  He really liked it and wanted to do it multiple times.
Honeycomb Matching
This matching game and corresponding tiles (which can also be used for memory) are from the Bee Tot Pack.  We also did some tracing pages from there, but I never got a picture.
He LOVES this book about Spring!  He wanted to read it every night before bed, and read it to himself multiple times.  We actually have Fall and Winter, so we will definitely need to buy the Summer book as well!
Such a little man sometimes!  He grabbed a box of wheat thins from my desk, grabbed his Bees book, and started reading to himself. 

Butterfly and Flower Shape Match
This board was from his Big Button Fun Set.  It seemed to fit perfectly with the spring theme.
Turtle Number Match Game
I found this turtle matching game at a garage sale a while back and had completely forgotten about it.  I set out all the lily pads and had Xander put each turtle on its "home."

Pattern Blocks
We used our magnetic pattern blocks and a template to make a flower for spring.

Also as part of our spring theme, I bought Xander a butterfly garden.  We ordered our caterpillars, watched them grow and change, and now they are all beautiful butterflies!  He even took them to daycare one day to show them off!  It was such a great experience.

Check out other spring ideas on my Spring Pinterest Board

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