Monday, May 27, 2013

P for Penguin

We are currently working on our Mommy & Me ABC units.  This week was the first week of letter P and penguins!  Unless otherwise specified, all of the printables are from my Mommy & Me ABC Printables, which are free as we complete them (for a detailed list of all the materials in the printables, check out this post).

 This was his desk setup. On the left is his magnetic calendar.  His white board had some alphabet magnets, and his fridge phonics set.  The shelf had a some of Ps and a bunch of penguins.
 P and Penguin Puzzles
We did both printable and store bought puzzles.
 Building Letters
I picked up the pieces to Handwriting Without Tears at a garage sale, so we practiced building Ps.  I hope to eventually be able to buy him the Learning Resrouces Letter Construction Set.
Making a P (and a mess) out of Hexie-Snaps
 Peg Letter P
Building a tall peg tower on the lowercase P.
Penguin Cutting Strips
 He asked to use his training scissors again this week.  I cannot believe how much better he is at using them!  For some reason he had to sit on the stool though. 
 Penguin Number Cards
We matched number tiles to the cards with the correct number of penguins (0-5).  He does a great job, but we're working on doing this activity without counting in order to practice quantity recognition.
 Letter Stamping
We used our see through stamps to stamp some lowercase and uppercase Ps.

 Letter Hunt
 I found this letter hunt grid and gave Xander a dot marker.  He had a great time stamping the Ps!
  Dot Magnet Penguins
This week we changed up out dot magnet pages a bit.  Rather than having him put pom pom magnets in each circle, we used bingo chips.  Then he got to wave the magnetic wand over them and watch them fly to the wand.
 Penguin Craft
We did a quick penguin craft I printed form here.

Penguin Bath
He bathed with his penguins often this week!  I think he has enjoyed them more than any other Toob.
Antarctic Sensory Table
We had some beautiful weather, so we broke out the water table.  To make it more "icy" I added a bunch of shaving cream.  He had a great time watching the penguins slide.  He also thought it was fun to throw the penguins in the water and then hunt for them (you couldn't see them through the shaving cream).  

Other Tot School Activities
I reorganized some of printables and came across some of our old service vehicle puzzles.  Xander had fun putting them together.

A few months after this post we used our penguin toob again in a Free the Penguins Sensory Play.  You may also be interested in doing that also!

For more ideas, check out my Penguin Pinterest Board!
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  1. What a great set of activities to work on the letter P and penguins! I especially love using the magnetic wand to pick up the magnets on his letter P. I think my kids would enjoy that as well!


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