Monday, January 28, 2013

H for Hippo Week 2

Xander is 26 Months

We are currently working on our Mommy & Me ABC units.  This week was our second week of the letter H and hippos.  Unless otherwise specified, all of the hippopotamus printables are from my Mommy & Me ABC Printables, which are free as we complete them (for a detailed list of all the materials in the printables, check out this post).

This was my first week back at school, so we didn't do quite as much as I would have liked.  Someone has been cranky going through an adjustment period with the new schedule.

 His white board had some hippopotamus cut outs, some alphabet magnets, his fridge phonics set and a wooden magnet of a hippo (similar to these).  His shelf had some books (HippoppositesAll about H, and Hippopotamus) a fabric H, the hippopotamus from his alphabet zoo, and a few hippos from his toobs.  Above the shelf were some flashcards from 1+1+1=1 and a glow in the dark hippo.

Hippo Number Cards
This tray had the hippo number cards from 6-10 as well as some corresponding number tiles.  I also wrote the quantity for each card in overhead marker on the back so that we could flash through them before matching them up.  He seems to enjoy the activity a lot more since I started flashing first.

Letter Clipping

Case Sorting

Hippo Bottle Cap Matching

Using his see though uppercase and lowercase stamps to stamp some Hs

 Painting and gluing an H craft from 1+1+1=1


  Hippo Cutting Strips
Using his training scissors to cut apart the hippos.

Alphabet Sensory Bin
Scooping, pouring, and hiding hippos in his "noodles."  Then he grabbed his measuring tape to measure the box.

Playing with hippos.
Other Tot School Activities
He wanted to play the Oreo Matching Middles game quite a few times this week.  Notice he stole my water bottle so he could have a drink after pretending to eat each cookie.
Climbed up on my bed to read his Sight Words Book "all by self."  I love when he sits and reads, but this time was even better because he read a lot of it out loud (granted, not in order and not all the words on the page).
Tracing shapes from some printables (from 1+1+1=1).  I LOVE his new washable dry erase markers!

For more hippo ideas, check out my Hippo Pinterest Board

Tot School

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