Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Tot School Schedule

Recently I posted an update to my goals for Tot School.  Having these overarching goals is a great guide for me, but I also needed a more specific breakdown of how I would accomplish these goals. This semester is going to be even more intense for me than the last (honestly, freaking out a bit), so I really wanted to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

I will still be using the Mommy & Me ABC units I created for Xander's Tot School.  They provide a theme and structure to the weeks, as well as help with letter and case recognition, phonics introduction, matching, reading, fine motor, etc.  We will be doing one to two weeks per letter, depending on how many activities I have planned.  (I am always looking for new activities to keep Xander challenged, so if you can think of any I should add to the remaining letters, I would love to hear your ideas for adding to the units!)  

I will also be including other activities to help develop various skills.  I hope to do some of these activities daily, while others may only happen every once in a while.  I hope to eventually make a checklist, and will post it for you when I do!

3 Part Cards 
Sight Words Games
Your Child Can Read DVDs
Reading lots and lots of books together!

Flashcards from Mommy & Me ABCs
Manipulative Play (still avoiding counting)

Fine Motor
Coloring & Painting
Cutting & Gluing
Sensory Bins - scooping, pouring, spooning, etc
Toys:  Latch Boards, Drill Set, stacking blocks, building train tracks, etc.

Little Reader (I NEED to make some lessons!)
Playing with Grandma

Note Flashcards
Note recognition with piano/xylophone

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  1. I just wanted to comment and say thank you for all of your resources! My daughter is 19 months old and I'm just starting to intentionally set aside time to teach her specific things. I'm starting with shapes this next week and will be using your curriculum you did with your son! I am so impressed with all you have done/are doing! I'm taking it one step at a time :)


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