Monday, May 6, 2024

Polar Regions Unit

We're getting to the end of our Around the World Homeschool Curriculum and Biome Units, so we're actually done with countries. This week we focused on the polar regions.
Since we didn't quite have enough resources and activities for Tundra to have its own post, I'm throwing those in here. We did these a different week, however.
Tundra Biome
Awesome Walruses & Cool Penguins

Polar poetry from Around the World on 80 Legs
Antarctica page from page from Beginning Geography
We try to do at least one solo logic game every week, so Penguins on Ice was a perfect fit.
We played Ice Cool. He tends to avoid adversarial games, so we didn't complete the game (the rest of the family likes the game, though).
Hey, That's My Fish! went over much better.
Polar Animals search and find puzzle. The borders of these make them easier to put together.

For art, he did a tape resist penguin from Arty Crafty Kids


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