Thursday, February 16, 2023

8 Month Update

Miss Juniper (the reason things have been quiet around the blog for a while) is now 8 months old! I thought it was time to do a quick update. It is so fascinating to see how uniquely each baby develops!

Physically, Juniper has wanted to walk since birth. She was footling breech and has always tried to push up to standing instead of sitting. She prefers to play standing up against a couch or our play foam than to play sitting. Honestly, her drive to stand probably delayed her sitting and crawling by a little bit. She's already pulling herself up on things and starting to cruise.

As far as learning activities go, she's very different from her brothers. She's been the least interested in looking at words of all my kids. Both the boys LOVED Your Baby Can Read. She will watch it for small bursts, but often not the whole thing. She is more likely to watch a whole Tweedlewink video, but those are much shorter. (She does LOVE Sparkabilities, but those are not word focused). Since it was a struggle to get her to sit still long enough to pay attention to three word flashing sessions a day, we're taking a little break from them. I had to take occasional breaks with the boys as well, just when they were a bit older and wanting to focus on movement. Since teaching a baby has to be joyful, we'll try again when I feel like she might be more interested. I'm not going to force anything!

Juniper likes books, but is a bit pickier than the boys. I'm guessing all of this is because the boys were far enough in age to be home alone with me. Juniper has Archer home, so is exposed to more screens and distractions during the day. We've recently started doing one Little Reader lesson a day and she seems to be liking it (when I can keep Archer from being distracting). You can read about how I implement these resources and teach my babies to read here)
She's is very smiley. She loves her brother to pieces, frequently wanting to grab them, particularly their hair. She already has an independent streak, much preferring foods she can feed herself to ones I feed her. She wants to be with the big kids doing what they're doing and going where they're going. 

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