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Tips on Getting the Best Out of Your Children Academically

 How your children behave in the classroom as very important in their overall success. If they are able to sit, listen, absorb and understand, they are far more likely to achieve a higher grade. The good news is that there is a lot you can do to help them do this. As a parent, you can set the wheels in motion without having to become an expert at every single subject yourself. Learning is about wanting to be taught as much as it is about the material that is being taught. So, as long as you can help set up this inquiring mind, your child will have a better chance.

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A healthy diet is a key way to ensure that your child's brain has the right nutrients and minerals ready to learn. Also, ensuring that they do not go to school hungry is important too. Hunger and poor nutrition can have a negative effect on your child's ability to concentrate and learn. So, a wholesome breakfast and a great packed lunch are essential.


Children need routine, and the younger you create this, the better. If you create a daily schedule where your child has a set time to look over their school work. One of the best times is after dinner. This gives them a chance to relax and unwind from the day and do a few of their own activities. You could start by asking to see what they did in the day. If your child is too young for homework, per se, perhaps you can develop a habit where they show you what they have done and what they remember. Perhaps you can read to your child or use tolls such as ABCmouse to help you ensure that they are on the right track. Whatever time you choose, ensure that this is a routine that stays with you both, and as your child gets older, they will already be into the habit of doing their homework in the evening. 

Space for Learning

You need to create a space that your child feels comfortable in to do their homework. What are their preferences? How do they learn best? Consider your child's personality before creating that space for them. Ensuwstrhea this space is free from distractions so that they can focus and get on with the job at hand. It may be an idea to have a dedicated desk with all their material laid out in an organized fashion on this. Their bedroom may not be the best place, as there wl be too many distractions.


Kids, especially teenageer, may not be inclined to do their homework, despite you and them knowing that it is the best thing. You can clearly offer your support and look over the work once it is done, but you can also offer incentives. This will depend on the circumstances but, even if you are not inclined to offer incentives, perhaps it is the best motivator. Incentives don't have to be expensive, but it has to be something that they are drawn towards.  

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