Thursday, April 1, 2021

Preschool Easter Week

We've taken a couple of weeks off from our Alphabet Activities to do some holiday themes. However, Archer does not always like holiday activities as much, so sometimes we do what I plan and sometimes we don't. This was our Easter Week. Archer turned down most activities. He's young, so I do not force him.

This was his school shelf. I had lots of Easter books and then threw in Just Enough Carrots and Rabbit's Pajama Party because I thought they kind of fit the theme. Archer is in a huge Thomas the Train phase, so Easter Engines was the favorite. I also hung some artwork he did.
He really likes using the Cuisenaire mats I make, particularly counting up how many of each color were used. This was the rabbit from the Easter set.
Working on the carrot Cuisenaire mat.
I printed some eggs with the letters of his name and had him put them in order. He does pretty well, but the second "e" sometimes throws him.
I got this egg spinner for Archer to decorate eggs. Then, of course, I only got pictures of Xander using it.
Adding up the dots on dominoes was a big hit. He did this a couple different days.
These were the shelves from the week. On the left was a peg puzzle, Lucky Ducks, Duplo vehicles and letter and number blocks, and some stepping domes. Shelves on the right had Color Code, word eggs, Hiss, number matching eggs, Magna-Qubix, Lalabloom and a basket of cars.
Beginning sound eggs. You rotate it to make different words.
Dot number match eggs.
Peg puzzle
Playing Hiss. He understands how to play but now how to win.
Duplo bin. He played with these a lot this week. I think his normal bin is just too overwhelming, so having a more limited selection was helpful.


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