Thursday, March 18, 2021

St Patrick's Day Preschool Activities

I meant to get everything set up and posted before St. Patrick's Day, but then we visited a friend and got sidetracked. We ended up going a little light on the activities, but here are some pics I got.
Archer's work and his shelf of books.
Cuisenaire Rods are still a big hit. I made him some St Patrick's Day templates and we did it together.

He used some Do a Dot Markers and this rainbow page.
I made him this quick 10s frame activity with some plastic gold coins.
Trying to match the patterns on his magnetic ring matching activity.
Magna-Qubix on the light table.
Rainbow colored pickup sticks and a basket with holes. He had fun both taking the sticks out and putting them in.
This was my first time getting out his Rhyming Puzzle and he did great!


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