Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Valentine's Photoshoot 1

Recently I have been posting about the fun photo shoots I have been doing with the kiddos.  This month, we ended up doing two, so here are just a few pictures from the first.  Here is the link to the second.
For the background, I literally just taped a cheap red sheet to the wall.  Ironing and steaming out most of the wrinkles, took the most time.
For the props, I bought this cupid's set from Amazon. With his name being "Archer," I just couldn't resist getting the little bow and arrow.  He just wore one of our cloth diapers and it went perfectly.  The headband is a bit small, so only just fit Archer.  Xander was very disappointed that the bow did not actually fire the arrow. 
The hardest part was choosing just a few favorites.  I ended up with over 20 that I loved and edited.

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