Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Archer Update - 6 Weeks

Baby Boy is now 6 weeks!  Crazy how it seems like he's been in our lives forever, even though it hasn't been that long.  

We've mostly spent these weeks snuggling and loving on him.  We sing songs, read stories and chat with him.  Unfortunately, he's not a very good sleeper and spits up more than any baby I've ever known, which makes tummy time particularly difficult.  Usually he ends up with spit up in his eyes and nose when we try tummy time.  We're still doing what we can, but not nearly as much as I could with big brother.
He does like playing with toys while lying on his back.  He particularly likes toys he can try to grab (like his Skwish and Winkle  I really want the elephant version of the Winkle, but can't justify it when we already have one :P).
Whenever we do get him on his tummy, we try to have nice high contrast things to look at.  I also make an effort to get done on the ground with him and encourage every time he lifts his head.
This week he has gotten VERY interested in his mirror.  Sometimes we can get him interested in the bathroom mirrors, but he can't get as close to those.
We have also been using toys to try to practice eye tracking.  We wiggle a toy in front of him and then try to get him to follow it with his eyes.  Sometimes he does great, sometimes he's too busy sucking on his fist.

I'm loving watching him learn and grow!  Can't wait til he can interact a bit more (and maybe spit up less and sleep more).

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