Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter M Week

We're still doing our Alphabet in Simple Science, and this week was M for Magnet (or Magnetic). Check back Friday for the full science post!
Letter Formation/Pre-Writing
Tracing the letters with his write and wipe cards and Letter Tracing Pages from 1+1+1=1
Practicing writing in his sand box.
Q-Tip Painting (from 1+1+1=1)
 Using some stampers on the Dot Letters from Confessions of a Homeschooler
 Using his Build a Letter Templates and HWWT pieces. First he built the letters on the templates, then he built them by themselves.
 Letter Maze
(Printable here)
Play Dough Letters
Stamping away on his alphabet stamping play dough mat.  Apparently it has been too long since we played with play dough because it kept him busy for an incredibly long time!
We did another four Beginner Spelling Cards.  Then I had him spell a related word (foot) on his own.  He started with "fot", but immediately realized he had forgotten an "o."
To go along with our magnetic theme, I printed off some letters, added paper clips, and then had Xander go fishing.  He then had to put them all in order.  It was pretty easy for him since he just fished for the letters in the correct order.  He liked it so much he immediately asked if he could do it again!
Cut and Paste Phonics Hunt
Phonics Fun Page from Raising Rockstars Kindergarten
Thinking Skills
I got out his magnetic rings, which he enjoyed so much he went through several template cards in one sitting!
We painted his letter Ms with magnets this week!  I put them paper in a shoe box, added some paint and some paper clips, and gave him a magnetic wand to run along the bottom of the box.  He LOVED it.  I had to hold the box for him, though, so could not get a good picture.
Sensory Play
This week's sensory bin also went along with the magnetic theme.  I used black beans for a base and added a bunch of colored paper clips, colored bingo chips, and some twirled pipe cleaners.  Surprisingly, he had more fun scooping and pouring than using the magnet.  Go figure. :)
Fun and Games
We couldn't have a magnetic week without playing with Magna-Tiles and Magnetix!
This Week's Work


  1. What a fun week! Love the thinking skills and art. :) Good job, Mama!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! It is really encouraging to hear from readers!


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