Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mostly Settled

We are officially moved in!  We are far from being completely unpacked and organized, but we are at least settled enough to funciton on a daily basis!  Unfortunately, my computer doesn't get internet yet.  I am using my dad's until my adapter gets here.  Anyway, my goal is to be mostly organized and clutter free by Thanksgiving (have to be able to put the Christmas tree somewhere!). 

With the new job, Xander being sick off and on for the last month, and the move, we haven't done any lessons in a couple of months.  It has been frustrating me, especially since I now spend my days in a classroom and see how few parents actually care enough about their child's education to do anything about it.  On the other hand we will have to go back into our lessons slowly.  I don't want either of us to be overwhelmed. 

Today, I hooked my laptop up to my dad's big screen television and showed Xander Little Reader and Little Math on there.  I loved to see his little face light up when he saw his lessons on that huge screen!  I did end up going back a little bit on the math lessons since it has been so long since we have done them consistently.  He was more interested in the lessons than ever before, so I don't think he minds the review. 

One of the great things about the move is that we now have the piano in the living room as opposed to the basement.  Having it in an easy to access place is fantastic.  Xander LOVES the piano.  It also seems to calm him when he is fussy.  We sat at it together for about 20 minutes tonight.  We did his treble clef lesson and then just played a bunch of songs.  He plays along with me.  I am amazed at how hard he tries to copy me at it.  I will definitely have to look into Little Musician!

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