Monday, October 17, 2011

A Boy and His Ball Pit

As the weather started turning cooler, I decided to re-purpose Xander's inflatable swimming pool.  I bought a bag of 100 plastic balls and created an easy ball pit.  Since the balls didn't really fill the pool, I may eventually need to buy a second set of balls.

At first he was skeptical.  He would play with the balls only from the outside, but did not enjoy being put in it.  Then he decided being in it was okay, but struggled to crawl out.  Now, he is in an out like a pro.  He LOVES it.  He has learned to throw them, so I end up with balls everywhere.  He also says "bah" for ball.  We're using them to learn colors.  Sometimes he will give me the color I ask for, but we're still working on it.

Xander has also decided that balls make good decorations.  I constantly find them on shelves, in drawers, etc.  Have I mentioned that I keep the toilet lid down?

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