Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby School - 9.5 Months

 Another crazy week couple of weeks!  It has been really difficult to keep up when we have been spending so many  nights away from home.  I am thinking I either need to quit doing flash cards til we move, or maybe whittle it down to one set a day.  I hate that I can't be consistent.  He did get in a lot of time with his trays though.  I kept them up for two weeks since we were gone so much.

This week we had his colored wooden blocks, a pound a peg toy, the boat from his pattern puzzles,  and a tray of some of those dominos used for knocking over.

The dominos we used for math.  I made some math symbols and laminated them, then set up some equations for him to look at.  Of course, the dominos are also fun to throw all around the room.

VERY good at understanding the concept behind the pound a peg.  Still working on the execution.  He tends to hit them with the side of the mallet rather than the face of it.

Friday morning there was a huge thunderstorm.  Xander was mesmerized by it and spent a lot of time looking out the window.

I stumbled across a bell for him.  The first day I showed him he carried it everywhere with him, shaking the heck out of it.

We have been working on playing "catch."  I roll the ball to him and he is pretty good at grabbing it.  He is still rather nondirectional when he attempts to roll it back.

Attempting to steal my camera...

Tot School

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